Places to Visit and Enjoy While in Mendocino
Here is The Town of Mendocino in Detail


Are You Thinking or Planning
Three Lovely Days in the Coastal Mendocino Town/Village

OOOSo, here you are just pulling into town after that long and curvy drive and wondering where everything is and where is your residence for the next few days. Well, we are in the process of creating a detailed description of all the points of interest within the limited borders of our town.

OOOFirst off you will want to Check into your Hotel, Vacation Rental, Bed & Breakfast and/or Campground to chill out for a bit after your long curvy drive. If you feel up to it you could take a walk around town and get your bearings while you work up your appetite. I might suggest that a walk down to Headlands State Park for some breathtaking ocean sunset views.

If you would like to get the lay of the land, so to speak, try moving your curser around on the map below.
Slowly at first as we are still adding more and more places.
This page is still under construction so to speak.


OOOOnce you have parked your vehicle bear in mind that everything is withing walking distance if you plan to stay in town. Of course if you are not accustomed to walking it is possible to get lost. If that does happen do not hesitate to walk into any shop and ask directions. For that matter you may just ask someone else walking around the streets. You will find that meeting new folks is very easy during your stay in Mendocino.

OOOMendocino’s history can be seen at the Kelly House Museum. The Kelly House entrance is on Albion Street and the Ford House, another visitors center, is on Main Street. Both are loaded with maps and brochures and dosents who have scheduled guided walking tours.

OOOIf you have Children that need to burn off energy after the drive you can head over to the Presbyterian Church and walk around behind the church and take the path down to Big River Beach. Lots of running, jumping, dancing and moving room to let them run and play in the sand. It is a lovely beach and a nice way to spend a warm afternoon.

OOOAnyway this is just an introduction to what we hope to be an in depth, detailed discription of the many varied and interesting places we have in our town.

Please check back soon as we add more detailed information, pictures and ideas
to our Mendocino Village page that we have under construction.


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